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 full of flavor 

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breakfast offer

we have what you love

There's nothing like starting your morning with a delicious and satisfying breakfast that will give you energy for the whole day! At Młyn Bistro, you'll find a variety of breakfast options, such as French toasts, breakfast burgers, and baked Turkish-style eggs. What will you choose today?

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 detroit pizza  


put it on the plate

something new & fresh

Bistro Młyn is a place where you can taste delicious, unique lunch options. One of them is our Detroit pizza, full of flavors and aromas, with thick dough, baked in a baking tray. It's topped with tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, and toppings like pepperoni, onion, and mushrooms. Everyone will find a taste for themselves!

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 lunch and dinner  

main dish

something for everyone

Młyn Bistro is a place where you can taste delicious burgers with unique flavors. Choose from pulled beef burger, hemp meat burger, pastrami and sauerkraut sandwich, or our Shrimp Sandwich. Everyone will find something for themselves!

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ice cream & more

This is our specialty! Discover the summer dessert menu, including cakes, desserts in jars, waffles and delicious curly ice cream.

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mix & match

As they say, man does not live by food alone... or something like that! An occasion to celebrate? Friday, Friday? Or maybe you just felt like having great drinks and cocktails? Every reason is good to check out our bar offer!

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